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If one were compelled to describe Hottest New Artist® in a single word, that word would be
empowerment. Paul Spencer’s Hottest New Artist provides a clear, confident path through the dizzying
labyrinth that is the inevitable journey of all artists in the entertainment industry.

As the main originator of the contest called “Hottest New Artist” (hence the title of the book),
Paul Spencer had an inclusive and innovative vision for reaching out and connecting with raw American
talent from all over the United States and beyond. His medium was a radio program
on WHAP 1340 AM in Hopewell, VA. This provided a platform for artists to submit their recorded work
in order to have it played on the air while having their work professionally critiqued by a panel of
qualified judges. This also offered emerging artists a chance to be seen and heard by a wider audience,
and to potentially advance in their musical careers.

The appeal of this program spread like wildfire, and eventually found its way to the Internet, where
accessibility around the globe created an interactivity that was unprecedented—eventually leading to
wider artistic competitions, awarding of prizes, and recording contracts within the
entertainment industry.

In the Introduction, Mr. Spencer speaks plainly and directly to the reader, letting them know up
front that “…the book will keep you from making those costly mistakes because you will be informed…
This book will teach you how to connect better with your fans and with the music industry…This book
provides concrete tools to empower you to take actions getting replies from those record companies,
music publishers, and industry contacts you may have been connecting unsuccessfully with in the past.
You will be educated better on proper procedures to engage them…this book provides those essential
tools needed to promote, market, and sell your music.”
In this well-organized, relevant book, the reader will have a chance to review the biographies and
first-hand accounts of individual artists who share reflections on their own artistic
experiences—experiences that are both positive and negative, and ultimately educational and valuable.

Moving beyond the biographies, the narrative then leads the reader through relevant insider
information on practical, non-glamorous realities such as the nuts and bolts of music business
structure trends, essential business skills, whether or not an artist will benefit by blogging, issues
involved with digital music sales, record company anatomy, the difference between major or
independent labels, record deals, time management, the ability to evaluate yourself, formal training in
comparison to autonomous learning, songwriting, publishing, copyright issues, royalties, collaboration,
self-promotion, and more.

The book concludes with some final, summarized points, followed by an impressive list of other
research resource materials, a comprehensive glossary of industry terminology and definitions, and
an area for the reader to make notes for their own path.



Aria Tesolin - Canada

American Hitman - UT

Mila Franc- NYC

Angela Eren - CA

Top 10

Matthew Schultz - NJ

Emyna the Rock Queen - CA

Trevor Sewell - UK

A.Tone Da Priest - GA

Jackson - VA


Josey Milner - MO

Xavier Toscano - CA

Xander Demos - PA

Win The Day - Louisiana

Wilma - United Arab Emirates

Tamara Bubble - NC

Sergey Rybytskyy - Ukraine

Ozonna - UK


MaHA Rocks - Ukraine

LeftZero - Brazil

Lavar - NJ

Kibrom Hailemariam - Australia

Kevin Mongelli - FL

Jason Davoli / Lowjack - PA

Fang-I Liu - CA

Doug Briney - AK

Chris Keith - CA

Cede - CA

Asjislam - OH

Ashley Tacora - NY

Anthony Alongi - TX

Annelise Collette - NJ

Andrea Desmond - WA

Amy Rose - Canada